Project Description

Sun City Competition

Dates: 17&18 October 2015 – Kata & Kumite (17th) and Weapons (18th)

Entry fee: R250 per student

Students may compete in as many divisions as they like.  This competition will be a National event for all ages and belts.  Every Gold medalist will be awarded TSKKIA National Colours. Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  Every competitor will receive a competitor’s medal.

Time schedule

Saturday, 17 October:

08h30 Students get together for march on

09h00 March on and official opening of competition

10h00 Competition starts

We will start with the family and unison katas. Ten the small kids and junior belts and end with all the senior belts.  Every division will do Kata, Kumite and Stick or Staff Kata.

Sunday, 18 October:

09hoo Competition starts

All Ken & Iai Jutsu Individual Katas – Unison Katas – Two man Katas – Kumites

All Archery Arrow Katas – Action Shooting Katas – Traditional Shooting Katas

All other weapons and special Katas

Grappling competition


Hope to see you all there

Shihan Albert