Honorary 2nd Dan Sensei Christo Van der Westhuizen

Not only one of our best Karate practitioners but also a shining example to all the younger students. He is also someone who have inspired me and every Instructor in TSKKIA and Tokon Shotokan Karate. Regardless of the fight he faces every day he still shows up and gives 100%. Sensei Christo you have [...]

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The new Shihan’s.

Meeting the criteria of what is expected of a Shihan. These Instructors have been promoted to the rank of Shihan. And will be the official members of the Shihan Kai. Its not an easy ranking as the responsibilities are far larger.  They will now share the responsibility of [...]

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Kancho recognized as Soritsu Sha {Founder}

Global recognition and highest ranking to Kancho Albert Venter. As Tokon Shotokan Karate stepped in to yet another International Alliance bringing the number of International Alliances to 19 . Shihan Albert was Officially recognized as the Founder {Soritsu Sha} of TSKKIA All Styles International and Tokon Shotokan Karate International. His in dept knowledge of [...]

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