Global recognition and highest ranking to Kancho Albert Venter. As Tokon Shotokan Karate stepped in to yet another International Alliance bringing the number of International Alliances to 19 . Shihan Albert was Officially recognized as the Founder {Soritsu Sha} of TSKKIA All Styles International and Tokon Shotokan Karate International. His in dept knowledge of the Fighting arts and his creation of the Gendaiteki Ken & Iai Jutsu and Gendaiteki Kyujutsu fighting systems was but a view of his accomplishments over years of Martial arts and Shotokan training. Soritsu Sha Kancho Albert Venter now represents both TSKKIA All Styles and Tokon Shotokan Karate Internationally. Giving all affiliated members the the opportunity to train and to compete Globally.

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Soritsu Sha Shihan Albert Venter.